Studies for the foundation of Cumayeri Vocational School were started in 2007 after Düzce University had been established in 2006. Vocational School project was supported by local authorities, nongovernmental organizations, and the application was approved after biddability review in every level. Cumayeri Vocational School carries out its activities in a 1500 square meter - building and 5500 square meter - garden provided by Cumayeri Municipal. Machinery and industrial molding are the first departments founded following meticulous researches to meet the local and national needs. Students were accepted to machinery department in 2008-2009 education year first, and then in the following year 2009-2010 students were accepted to industrial molding department after the necessary atelier and laboratories had been constructed. Cumayeri Vocational School has a strategic position for the students and local people as it is located on İstanbul highway, and as it is 23 kilometers to the city center. In addition, other advantages are easy transportation to Düzce city center and other cities in technical vocational education and training region (METEB), its existing employment opportunities, current physical conditions and extraverted social structure.